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About Us

Bank of New Mexico formerly Grants State Bank has been located in Grants, New Mexico on Historic Route 66 in Cibola County since 1947, and has served the Cibola County area during the logging and ranching years, when it was named “The Carrot Capital of the World” and through two boom-to-busts when it was later named “The Uranium Capital of the World”. The Grants State Bank offices of Bank of New Mexico continue to serve the community in the new millennium by providing one of a kind personalized service. There are three Grants State Bank, Bank of New Mexico offices in the community. The main office is located in the central part of Grants, NM. One branch office is located in the northeast part of Grants and one branch office is located in the Village of Milan, a village adjacent to Grants.

In 2014 Grants State Bank expanded into Gallup/McKinley and Albuquerque and changed its name to Bank of New Mexico to reflect its increasing statewide presence. As Bank of New Mexico we are now excited about expanding our successful “community banking” business model that has existed in Cibola County since 1947 to serve these new communities. Each bank in each community will be focused on serving the unique needs of those communities and the businesses and residents of those communities.
We have taken a very different approach to send a clear message of who we are in the communities we serve. While we now operate under the name of Bank of New Mexico we also retain the community name as our “trademark” in the rural communities we serve. In Grants we continue to do business as Grants State Bank, Bank of New Mexico Office and in Gallup we do business as Gallup State Bank, Bank of New Mexico Office. While each bank is focused on serving the special and unique needs of the community it services we all share a common logo and we all share a common vision.

In addition to being focused on serving the needs of the communities we serve in Albuquerque we specifically focus on serving the needs of the small business community and our objective is to create relationships with our small business customers that will meet their specific needs and help them be successful.

Our Vision:

Bank of New Mexico will be a trusted community friend/partner providing a positive memorable customer experience that exceeds our customer's expectations and leaves them smiling. We will play an active role in helping our community and our customers achieve success, by providing sound financial advice and high quality financial products and services. We will be the best place to work, following the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct, with a well-trained and highly engaged workforce that is excited about delivering substantial value to each other and to our customers each and every day.

It's All About You!

At Bank of New Mexico we recognize that we have diverse customers including individuals and businesses. Every one of you is unique and special. Every one of you has distinctive goals and needs. Your culture and family/business history are a part of who you are and how you think. Every one of you has a different perspective on what “success” looks like.
You may be a young child with your first saving account or just learning how to manage your personal finances. You may be going to school locally or preparing to go off to school? You may be single or married? You may be starting to raise a family or are already busy taking care of your children. School, athletics, or other activities could be consuming much of your time. You may be a single parent or part of the sandwich generation raising children and taking care of your parents at the same time. You may be planning for retirement or retiring soon. Are you already retired and living on a fixed income? You may have accumulated some wealth or are now trying your best to put some money away for a major purchase or just to achieve success as you define it. You may be working on buying that first house or do you want to move up to a larger home? You may be looking at that new dream car or maybe just some good dependable transportation? Is that special trip in your plans? You may have a new job, are between jobs or maybe you just received a promotion and a nice raise. We wish the best in health for all of you however you may be suffering from medical issues. You may have just lost a parent or a child.

You may be expanding your business or you may just need some help in getting your business started. You may need to remodel your building or you might want to relocate and build a new building. You may need long term financing or short term financing for that special project. You may want to take advantage of the latest technology to help you manage your money. You may want to have that personal relationship with your banker who you can call whenever you have a financial question or issue that you need help with.
Regardless of the stage of life you or your business are in and your life/business experiences both good and bad we recognize that you are unique. There is no one else in the world like you.

Our Job at Bank of New Mexico is to meet you where you are. The better we understand your unique situation and needs, the better job we will do helping you achieve success. We want to get to know you and then we want to serve as your financial advisor. We want to be your Banker. We want to do everything we can to help. We want to save you money, we want to make you money and we want to save you time. We want to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a trusted friend/partner to manage your finances and to achieve success.
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